Wishing you a blessed Christmas

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Stained glass window (1890) in St. Alban's Anglican Church, Copenhagen, Denmark, depicting the "Nunc dimittis"-scene My eyes have seen Your salvation ... a light to bring revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of Your people Israel.    Luke 2:30,32 NKJ Simeon was holding the Child Jesus in his arms when he made this utterance. He will have gazed upon the Child Jesus with immeasur­able joy and love, greeting Him with reverence. True, he was holding only a small child in his arms, and yet — O wonder! — this Child is called “Mighty God” (Isaiah 9:6). Divine power dwells in Him, the power of light with which He would illumine all the nations of the world. Christmas! — the festival of many lights, which are only a symbol for Jesus, the Child in the manger, who came down [...]