Prayer -Turning to God and Receiving Help

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Building a Wall of Prayer When the future of a nation is in the balance, when politics, economics and ethics fail, it is the intercessors who can make a difference. They hold the key to recovery, for they focus on God, from whom alone come blessings and salvation. These texts, songs and prayers, drawn from a selection of Mother Basilea's writings, were born of real-life situations: terrorism, deception, political unrest, lapsed moral standards, natural disaster, spiritual attacks... They are tried and tested methods, which have had far reaching results. Everyone who knows and loves the Lord - not just some special elite - can be an effective intercessor. In this booklet we are told how. One of the songs goes like this: We Have a Glorious Hope We have a glorious hope a hope, that cannot die; Amidst defeat Christ's [...]