We Cannot Be Silent

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We are praying and know you are also – as we see the world in turmoil. We receive daily reports of the need so many are facing. There is the tendency to ask, "What is happening?" It is comforting to know that Mother Basilea’s prophetic writings in the 60’s encourage us today. What people faced in the aftermath of WWII and the Holocaust equip us to face tomorrow – the tomorrows of 2015. Mother Basilea then and Sister Joela Krüger now give a message for our times. We cannot be silent. A new DVD Jacob’s Tears (Hatikvah Films www.hatikvahfilms.com) in which Sister Joela joins others in breaking the silence with regard to the Satanic powers displayed before and during WWII, makes us realize we are continually vulnerable to attack. We are called to not only battle the attack but to [...]