Canaan Retreats in Colorado and Texas

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All of us know that our country is being challenged by deception and confusion as never before. Public confession of faith in God is being threatened and in some cases removed. Opinions which deny the sovereignty of the Lord Jesus and His Kingdom are dominating more and more. Sin is rampant and God's judgement looms over us. For such a time as this, Mother Basilea's most  important message is: As in our daily prayer times at Canaan in the Desert, we want to turn our eyes on our Risen and Victorious Lord, also at both our forthcoming retreats in CO and TX. Our theme is: COLORADO Retreat Day: we have changed the venue, it is now:  Denver, Sept. 12, 2015 at St. Philip and St. James Church 2797 South Lowell Blvd. Contact: Robert Bristol: [email protected] Phone: 303-948-0830 TEXAS Retreat Camp [...]