A Greeting for Pentecost

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http://canaaninthedesert.com/catalogue/ We would like to share a message that Mother Basilea gave to us Sisters.  "It was an historical occasion as Jesus' disciples gathered in Jerusalem and the Holy Spirit came down. There appeared to them tongues like flames of fire dispersed among  them and resting on each one of them. An unforgettable moment. The cowardly, fearful disciples were transformed into fiery witnesses. The Holy Spirit distributed His gifts among them: the gift of faith, of performing miracles, of discerning spirits and other gifts as well (Acts 2:1-4). However, it is not enough to celebrate Pentecost as an historical event. We should be experiencing the reality of the Holy Spirit in our lives today. What a wonderful gift, what a tremendous joy...      We need the reality of the Holy Spirit in our lives today more than ever before, for [...]