Fill All the World with Songs of Praise

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Lofty mountains, grassy meadows, Peaks for ever veiled in snow, God their Maker magnify; By the beauty that they show us, And no rest nor peace do give us Till we too our hearts do raise All in worship, love and praise. Excerpt from the DVD: FILL ALL THE WORLD WITH SONGS OF PRAISE Rushing streams, grassy meadows, towering mountains and rocky shores – all of nature unites in a symphony of praise to God. A symphony in which man plays a vital part, as Mother Basilea Schlink shares with us today. O Father, how fair is this world You made The forest, the meadows, the lakes! Fill all the world with joyful songs; For unto God the world belongs Praise Him, Hallelujah! Praise Him, Hallelujah! Mother Basilea, together with Mother Martyria, founded the Evangelical Sisterhood [...]