18 05, 2018

Like the rush of a mighty wind the Holy Spirit comes

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Mother Basilea shares in The Holy Land Today, “Like the rush of a mighty wind the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Godhead, comes down to earth...he seeks out specific people, the disciples, a handful of miserable failures, who had lost faith and deserted their Lord during His Passion, for in the poor and needy He can demonstrate His power as Creator Spirit... He imbues despondent and fearful hearts with courage and power to witness. He accomplishes great transformations in the hearts of men. In Acts 4:31 we read that when the company of believers were assembled in prayer the place was shaken. But what must it have been like when the Holy Spirit Himself descended upon the heads of the disciples, imparting to them fervent love and the courage to suffer, setting them wholly on fire for God [...]

12 05, 2018

ISRAEL’S 70th Independence Day and a historic move

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Our dear Jewish Friends, With this card commemorating the 70th year of Independence of ISRAEL we send you our warmest greetings. We join you in giving thanks to the Lord for the wonderful miracles He has done in these 70 years. ISRAEL has experienced His help and intervention in His land in the midst of great crises and dangers. We pray that He will continue to hold His hand of protection over His people and land. Greeting you with SHALOM The Sisters of Mary at Canaan in the Desert, AZ

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