24 12, 2021

Gift of Heaven

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What a glorious night it was when heaven came down and Jesus entered this world. On that holy night we were blessed with heaven's choicest gift: a child of divine power, destined to fulfil God's saving purposes. A conquering hero endowed with princely authority. And the day is coming when He will rule the whole world, bringing peace and salvation to all nations. Holy Night! This was the right night when the only-begotten Son of God appeared in human form. The coming of Jesus brings a message of hope. But doesn't the reality look very different? Satan, the adversary of Jesus, is steadily gaining power. As the prince of this world he is extending his evil influence over people and nations, almost unstoppable in his advance. All this is in fulfillment of what the Word of God foretells: "Darkness shall [...]

18 12, 2021

Jesus is the Greatest Gift Ever

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At Christmas, almost the first question you hear is, "What did you get?" Gifts are fun, whether quirky and creative, homemade or shop-bought, exotic or useful. Finding the right present for a loved one takes time and care. But seeing the look of delight on their faces is rewarding. Yes, Christmas is fun. But for some it is a stressful season they wish were already over. Music blaring full-blast. A visit to the mall, a non-stop rodeo with whining kids in tow. Youngsters surfing the net for the trendiest devices available. The constant demand for the newest and the best. Anxious parents quietly thinking, "How can we ever afford it?" Never mind the hassle. Never mind the frantic shopping. BBQ and party planning. Family and friends will be coming together. You'll be reminiscing with folk you haven't seen for ages. [...]

1 12, 2021

Merry Christmas!

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My little Lord Jesus cares. My heartache and sorrow He shares. So full of love and sympathy, He suffers with us in our pain and grief. Our pain and grief. At Christmas He comes to us, Sheds radiance on every cross, Refreshing our afflicted souls, As one day above in our heavenly home, Our heavenly home. How do the Sisters celebrate Christmas? Mother Basilea writes in her autobiography: “For most of us in the Sisterhood the secret of Christmas had been a matter of the intellect - a concept, a thought, a fact, a tradition, but not a living event or a source of divine life... It was my prayer and deep longing that the Child Jesus would receive true worship [...]

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