My little Lord Jesus cares.
My heartache and sorrow He shares.
So full of love and sympathy,
He suffers with us in our pain and grief.
Our pain and grief.

At Christmas He comes to us,
Sheds radiance on every cross,
Refreshing our afflicted souls,
As one day above in our heavenly home,
Our heavenly home.

How do the Sisters celebrate Christmas?

Mother Basilea writes in her autobiography:
“For most of us in the Sisterhood the secret of Christmas had been a matter of the intellect – a concept, a thought, a fact, a tradition, but not a living event or a source of divine life… It was my prayer and deep longing that the Child Jesus would receive true worship from us and that heaven would come down in our midst… Then, [in the early years of our Sisterhood] there was a breakthrough – a miracle of the Holy Spirit. He had begun to set us free from our formality, pride and sophistication. The Child Jesus had turned us into children… Our Hall of Zion was no longer a meeting room, where a talk about the secret of Christmas was being given and a few carols were sung. It had been transformed into a ‘heavenly festival hall’. Just as the shepherds hastened to kneel down and worshiped the Holy Child in Bethlehem, the Sisters gathered in small groups around the manger and sang to the Child Jesus in fervent love.

Christmas after Christmas the Lord would reveal a different aspect of His nature as we worshiped Him as the Child in the manger”.

Unto us a Child is born. What is His name? Mighty God and Victor. And this name holds true. This Christmas when we worship the Child Jesus as the Victor, we are filled with comfort and deep joy, for this poor, weak, long-suffering Child in the manger is actually the Victor. Now during this last battle between light and darkness His victory is still concealed, but one day it will be made manifest throughout the world – the glorious final victory.

Little Prince of Victory

Little Prince of Victory,
You have come to set us free
From our troubles, sin and bondage,
Crushing Satan on the rampage,
Forcing him all rights to yield,
Bow to Your supremacy.

What could be impossible
For the Victor over hell?
Little David slew Goliath
Single-handed that great giant,
But the Christ-Child all alone
Overcame the whole wide world.

Little Jesus won the fight
Over Satan and his might.
In this world of sin and darkness
He deserves our love and praises.
Celebrate His mighty deeds,
Worship Him on bended knee.

O holy night – when the anthems of the heavenly hosts resounded joyously over the shepherds field! O holy night – when the angel of the Lord, radiant with the glory of God, surrounded by His shining light, proclaimed the joyful news, “For to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord”.

We need a Savior so much today. Nothing else can help us. We, our nation and the whole world are on the verge of destruction. Satan, sin and violence threaten mankind, making men afraid and full of despair. No human being can save us, No human being can solve this desperate problem. But the words of redemption resound, “Unto us a child is born!” A shout of joy greeted His birth, “Christ the Savior is born” 2000 years ago – the Son of God, born as man brought salvation to this earth. He is alive today! He wants to prove to you and me that He can really heal us and set us free from any kind of bondage and sin so that we may become changed people. And if we have already experienced the saving power of this Child, let us, this Christmas, bring Him our thanks and tell others what He has done for us, so that many more may come to believe in Christ, our Savior.

I Have a Precious Savior

I Have a precious Savior
And He is my own;
He knows and understands me
And I am His alone

My Savior is my Refuge
In sorrows and fear.
I bring Him all my troubles;
His help is always near.

Today my heart is singing;
My joy knows no end
He never will forsake me,
My Savior, Lord and Friend.

Now at this crucial point in the history of mankind, the birth of Jesus is of utmost significance. To Him and not His enemy is given the future dominion. Jesus’ power lies in His lowliness, freely given out of love for us. This love led Him to Calvary where He was nailed to the cross. Meek as a lamb, the Almighty Son of God lay in the manger as a small, weak Babe, given into the hands of men. Out of compassion for us Jesus entered this world and was willing to be laid in a feeding trough for animals. The Child Jesus, who has compassion on us, can tell us about heaven, for that is where He has come from. There we are awaited, and the gates of heaven will open wide to those who cling to God in all their sufferings. Suffering borne with dedication and acceptance leads to the City of God.

Music of the following song: You Came into this World

You Came into this World

You came into this world
as a little Child
Laid in a lowly manger,
a Lamb undefiled.
How shall I ever thank you,
my dearest Lord.
For nowhere in the world
Can such boundless love be found!

I kneel down at Your crib,
Sinner that I am,
And ask You to accept me,
O holy Lamb.
Please make me all Your own,
Uncomplaining, still.
Oh, will You not this Christmas
My fervent prayer fulfill?

I want to walk beside You
in these dark days,
To share with You the burden
and bitter pain.
Obediently following
on Your path,
A little lamb beside You
– No greater wish I have.

Oh, may I one day stand
With the throng robed in white,
There high upon Mount Zion –
How glorious the sight! –
Imprinted on my forehead
The Lamb’s own name,
Whose majesty and splendor
I’ll evermore proclaim.

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