May the following quote by Mother Basilea encourage you for the New Year:
“Jesus wants to come to us who live in a world of ever-growing darkness and chaos. For today countries are ravaged by uprisings. But Jesus is the Light of the world. He is the Eternal Light. He is like a sun that no darkness can ever eclipse. His light illumines and penetrates the darkness, transforming it into light. Why should I be troubled when fear and distress take hold of me? I have a mighty Deliverer, who will come to my aid in every suffering that befalls me. Though the world is growing ever darker, though satanic forces are gaining more and more ground to establish their rule, we know that Jesus will come as Lord and King and establish His dominion over all the kingdoms of the world. He will triumph as the Light!
And so we are filled with hope and can pray, ‘O Jesus, shine upon me with Your radiance. I immerse myself in this flood of light. Penetrate me with your light and wash me with your precious blood. Let Your light shine forth from me, and make me a bearer of light for many.’”

a wonderful book for the New Year.
When all else fails us, there is Someone who will never fail us – our heavenly Father. He cares for each one of us personally. Nothing escapes His loving eye; nothing is too far removed from His reach. In His Hands we are sheltered from the raging storm.

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