JE-bm small copyr  white edge smallOur dear Friends,

We wanted to greet you very warmly during this special time of year.

Mother Basilea made it so impressive for us that during the 40 days between Easter and Ascension our Lord Jesus would come to His own and encourage them. He had personal words for everyone. So this little “Emmaus Message” may still be meaningful for you.

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I see no way out – pitch-black is the night! O believe! Night has always brought forth the light.

My hopes lie shattered – I am undone! Wait but a while; fulfillment will come.

In vain I kept faith; I was deceived. O remember, remember God never misleads!

I see only meaninglessness – nothing more. O believe, from such suffering glory is born.

My heart cannot fathom Gods ways anymore. Come, trust in the Father and help will be yours.  MB

Emmaus the Lord has come.

Jesus is here to break bread with us.

“I AM with you always”

even in the worst of days.


Dear Lord Jesus, we thank You that in Your love You are especially drawn to those who are full of doubts and questions.

I, too, come to You with my unanswered questions and inner conflict, when I cannot understand You and Your ways and nothing makes sense.

I thank You that from the very outset I can rest in the assurance that You have a solution for my problems, the answer to my questions.

I want to humble myself in spirit before you and acknowledge the rightness of Your dealings with me.

How lovingly and gently You rebuked the Emmaus disciples for their foolish questions, and how often You have to do the same with me.

Thank You for showing that in our dedication to the paths of suffering all our inner conflict disappears and You draw near to us with Your loving presence.  Amen