taken up to heaven Luk24-51

Do you know what it is like to be able to go home after having been away for a long time – to be welcome there, and to have someone waiting for you who’s made everything ready? That’s what God the Father is like!

Three times our Lord Jesus said that He was going to the Father – in John 16:5 and 10. And in John 14:28, He says, “I go to the Father; for the Father is greater than I.”…

We can scarcely imagine how it was when Jesus entered the Father’s house. The Father’s arms were opened wide for Him and all the angels worshiped Him. How the Father must have waited until at last He could hold His Son in His arms again! It must have been a celebration that could have gone on forever. Then Jesus took His place at the side of God the Father on His throne and on that day the Psalm verse began to be fulfilled, that all His enemies would be placed at His feet. That is why in our troubles, sins and temptations, we can say triumphantly, “Your enemies and ours are lying at Your feet!” Whoever calls upon the name of Jesus, the Lord who has risen and ascended into heaven, will experience help, deliverance and release.

This is the hour of Ascension,
The hour when the Son returns home
From suff’ring and agony
To the heart of the Father.
This is the hour when the Father
Is holding His Son again,
Whose hands and feet are still marked with the wounds,
The signs of His suff’ring And His vict’ry.

But the hour of homecoming is one that should repeat itself, and it does! Isn’t it overwhelming that ever anew in heaven there is an hour of homecoming! Every day, perhaps every minute, a soul returns home. We can only receive a vague idea of what this means when we think of what a homecoming is like on earth.

But now think of God the Father and the Lord Jesus. His heart embraces all love, all tender care. His only thought is to bring us joy and to make us happy!

And so when someone who was a child of God the Father comes home to heaven, wouldn’t God have prepared something for him? If a mother or wife on earth prepares so much for the person coming home that his heart can scarcely fathom it, how much more will the heavenly Father have prepared? It is written in I Corinthians 2:9 that what no mortal eye has ever seen and what no ear has heard (or ever will hear on earth) God has prepared for those who love Him….

Someone is waiting for us above in our eternal home – our heavenly Father! He has opened His arms wide and when a soul returns home, the Father wipes away all his tears, removes all the cares, sorrow, troubles and affliction from his heart. Jesus guides the soul to the river of the water of life and into the City of God where his eyes can never drink their fill of all its beauty. He walks with Jesus through the streets of gold and is led by Him into the wonderful, golden palace. And then he is dressed royally, for a wonderful white garment has been prepared for him of a beauty and material that never fade, that shine and gleam like the sun!

That is what the hour of homecoming is like! A stream of love comes cascading down on us.

In Colossians 3:2 it says, “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth!”

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