11 04, 2019

Loving Jesus Can Bring Him Comfort in His Suffering Today

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As we daily hear the news, it can be overwhelming. Basilea Schlink shared with us… When I heard the news… I was over-whelmed with grief. But then I experienced something remarkable. In my heart Jesus seemed to be telling me over and over again one thing that would bring Him the greatest comfort: “Love Me! Oh, love Me!” And then it was as if His deep grief were submerged in love. And I could sense how it comforted Him when I told Him over and over again how much I loved Him and when I proclaimed who He really is, and then sang songs of love for Jesus. Melody to verse below Oh, [...]

7 01, 2019

JESUS, Your Name Is the Source of My Joy

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Click to listen: ...Source of My Joy The trumpet call at midnight will only be heard by those whose heart is on the right wave length, the wave length of intimate love for Jesus, their Lord and Bridegroom. Is your heart attuned to this wave length? Then you will be the happiest person on earth for Jesus makes us happier than we could ever imagine. And there is a beautiful future awaiting you. You will belong to Him when He comes. Jesus - who loves you more than any person possibly could. Jesus - the Eternal Love. Choir: Source of my joy, O Jesus most dear, Jesus, Your name is the sweetest to hear, Ringing with joy in [...]

7 12, 2018

Merry Christmas!

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My little Lord Jesus cares. My heartache and sorrow He shares. So full of love and sympathy, He suffers with us in our pain and grief. Our pain and grief. At Christmas He comes to us, Sheds radiance on every cross, Refreshing our afflicted souls, As one day above in our heavenly home, Our heavenly home.   How do the Sisters celebrate Christmas? Mother Basilea writes in her autobiography: “For most of us in the Sisterhood the secret of Christmas had been a matter of the intellect - a concept, a thought, a fact, a tradition, but not a living event or a source of divine life... It was my prayer and deep longing that the Child Jesus would receive true [...]

10 11, 2018


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Loving Father, Father of Everlasting Love, My heart sings with joy of Your unending love, Your planning, leading, counsel. Loving Father, Father of Everlasting Love, Eternal Love!                                                                         MB Listen to a 5 min. message about how the heavenly Father cares for us. God lives and works today! He is a Father who loves His children and plans good things for them. But we have to become children! How do we do this? Today’s meditation by Basilea Schlink called, PUT YOUR HAND IN HIS! has the answer. [...]

18 05, 2018

Like the rush of a mighty wind the Holy Spirit comes

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Mother Basilea shares in The Holy Land Today, “Like the rush of a mighty wind the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Godhead, comes down to earth...he seeks out specific people, the disciples, a handful of miserable failures, who had lost faith and deserted their Lord during His Passion, for in the poor and needy He can demonstrate His power as Creator Spirit... He imbues despondent and fearful hearts with courage and power to witness. He accomplishes great transformations in the hearts of men. In Acts 4:31 we read that when the company of believers were assembled in prayer the place was shaken. But what must it have been like when the Holy Spirit Himself descended upon the heads of the disciples, imparting to them fervent love and the courage to suffer, setting them wholly on fire for God [...]

12 05, 2018

ISRAEL’S 70th Independence Day and a historic move

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Our dear Jewish Friends, With this card commemorating the 70th year of Independence of ISRAEL we send you our warmest greetings. We join you in giving thanks to the Lord for the wonderful miracles He has done in these 70 years. ISRAEL has experienced His help and intervention in His land in the midst of great crises and dangers. We pray that He will continue to hold His hand of protection over His people and land. Greeting you with SHALOM The Sisters of Mary at Canaan in the Desert, AZ

7 03, 2018

Visit the Garden of Jesus’ Sufferings and Resurrection in the desert of Arizona

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Nothing will bring us closer to Jesus than reflecting on the Passion, for His suffering reveals His heart. It is all about having a fresh vision of the Man of Sorrows and hearing Him speak to the heart: “Do you love Me? Where I am, My servant also will be.” In her prayers, songs and writings, […]

18 01, 2018

Immanuel God with Us

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Today’s news is full of the theme - security! Might that be one of our main concerns in the year ahead? Especially since the recent terror attacks, police and law enforcement are striving for our optimal safety. Yet we know all our human efforts will never be enough! Even the experts find it impossible to always uncover evil plans ahead of time. As no one can foresee the coming dangers, fear and insecurity grows. Is there a secure place anywhere on the whole earth? The Apostle Paul shows us a better way to respond to evil in our world. He writes to believers in Rome from his own experience. He was subjected to the hostility of false brethren; he was threatened by the government and he was pressed by many difficult tasks found within the [...]

8 12, 2017

Merry Christmas!

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  CHRISTMAS,  CHRIST  THE  SAVIOR  IS  BORN !   Jesus, the wellspring of joy! Who can make us as happy as He does? But is the Child in the Manger your most precious Christmas gift? Are you waiting for Jesus, for His coming? Each one of us needs Him, the Child that gives Hope and brings Restoration to us and into our families. He wants to fill your life with joy and peace. He asks you, “Receive Me! Don’t leave Me standing in the cold, as it happened long ago when there was no room in the inn. Expect Me for Christmas, for I love you and I want to help you.” So let us hurry like the shepherds, to the Child in the Manger.                O holy night, filled with songs [...]

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