1 10, 2021

Daniel’s Prayer for Our Times

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Dear Friends, Our hearts are very much with the people of Afghanistan as the Taliban takes control. It’s truly devastating not only for the Christians, but also for the many women and children who will face severe suffering. The people of Afghanistan are clearly fearful and distraught, with many feeling the whole world has abandoned them in their greatest time of need. Persecution is quickly descending upon their nation. Now is the time for us as intercessors to stand in the breach for our brothers and sisters in the Lord as well as the many who don’t yet know Him. From the Bible we know that in times of national crisis, such as war, judgement will be tempered with mercy if God can find enough believers who walk in humility and obey His [...]

19 05, 2021

Pentecost — A Great Promise!

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Pentecost - outpouring of the Holy Spirit - a miracle that fills us with awe to this very day. The Holy Spirit came to earth like a mighty wind. It was a certain group of people whom the Holy Spirit came to seek - the disciples, a poor, little group of failures, who had not kept faith but deserted their Lord on His path of suffering. It was to them that He came. Even today the Holy Spirit manifests His power in the lives of those who are weak, He demonstrates who He is. He can bring dead hearts to life and fill despairing and fearful people with the power to witness. Yes, the Holy Spirit can transform everything. Come, Holy Spirit! [...]

21 03, 2021

Visit the Garden of Jesus’ Sufferings and Resurrection in the desert of Arizona

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Nothing will bring us closer to Jesus than reflecting on the Passion, for His suffering reveals His heart. It is all about having a fresh vision of the Man of Sorrows and hearing Him speak to the heart: "Do you love Me? Where I am, My servant also will be." In her prayers, songs and writings, Mother Basilea bears witness to this greatest expression of God's love. And wherever the Sisterhood has established a Canaan center, there is usually a prayer garden with reliefs depicting the passion of Jesus, for a visible representation can help to deepen our understanding. Jesus longs for us to give Him all our love in response to His love and suffering. This is how in Phoenix, Arizona, a Garden of Jesus' Sufferings and Resurrection came to be built by the Sisters of Mary with their [...]

4 01, 2021

A Greeting for the New Year

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May this word be an encouragement for the New Year: Jesus wants to come to us. We live in a world of ever-growing darkness and chaos. Today countries are ravaged by a pandemic. But Jesus is the Light of the world. He is the Eternal Light. He is like a sun that no darkness can ever eclipse. He penetrates the darkness, transforming it into light. Why should I be troubled when fear and distress take hold of me? I have a mighty Deliverer. He comes to my aid in every suffering that befalls me. Though the world is growing ever darker, though satanic forces are gaining ground, yet we know that Jesus will come as Lord and King. He will establish His dominion over all the kingdoms [...]

5 12, 2020

Christmas – A Wonderful Gift Awaits You!

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Little Jesus, I would love Thee, Thou my glory, treasure be! Take my will, let it obey Thee, let me serve Thee constantly. O Child of peerless beauty, whom angels glorify, You radiate the glory, that comes from God most High! O Child, O clearest image of God’s most tender love, that sinners dare to praise You, whom angels laud above. O raise the song again and sing love’s sweet refrain; to Jesus, dearest Child, so innocent and mild, let sweetest hymns resound. Awake and sing to Him, with angels, cherubim. In awe they see God’s [...]

25 11, 2020

You Are My Refuge in Times of Trouble

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Thank You, Father, for blessing me each new day with Your steadfast goodness, renewing me in the power of Your love. Thank You, Father, for being the very best of fathers — compassionate and gracious, patient and brimming over with kindness. Thank You, Father, You know all things—past, present and future. In Your love You first weigh what each day will bring, so that it will never be too hard. I praise Thy ruling and guiding, the way Thou chosest to lead me. Even paths through the night with blessings were bright. I'll sing in pain and in sorrow, in grief and fear of the morrow. Thy praise shall remain my constant refrain. I'll sing of God's grace [...]

28 08, 2020

Be Bold, Be Courageous!

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"Today we are challenged to a battle of faith and to fervent prayer as never before, for we are living at the beginning of the end-time era. No generation has seen such an outbreak of demonic activity and warfare as ours... The battle of faith against satanic attacks and curses equips us for even harder times ahead, when we will constantly be exposed to such assaults. In the combat against the forces of evil, we grow stronger with every song of faith and victory. Every prayer of faith and victory deals a blow to hell, rendering it less capable of achieving its goal… Every song and prayer of faith and victory brings glory to Jesus, because we are praising His Name and trusting in His power and victory! Every time we engage [...]

17 06, 2020

We grieve in light of the Supreme Court decision — June 15, 2020

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We grieve in light of the Supreme Court decision —  June 15, 2020   Lament for God’s deep heartache, Throughout the world lament, That all whose hearts are open His pain will comprehend. Destruction is impending, Judgment as never before. O call, O warn and rescue; Listen to God, your Lord. Taken from "I Want to Console You" “Watch and pray!” God is waiting for those who will share His anguish and grieve with Him, those who will bring Him comfort by confessing their sins and humbly submitting to His wrath. Unwittingly, they are living proof of His love, because they never lose confidence in the love of God.   [...]

24 04, 2020

God Calls – and Our Response

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Oh, return, My children Oh, return, My children, oh, return! Turn back to your loving Father - God. See Him wait, O children, see Him wait. Will you not return to Him this day? Won't you come? Mother Basilea wrote over 40 years ago in God Laments - and Our Response, page 19/20: How deep is the grief of God resounding from all the words of the prophets! It is as if God, who has shown us nothing but love, can hardly grasp that we are turning our backs on Him and turning to Satan. He laments: The stork knows the time of her migration, as does the turtledove, and the crane, and the swallow. They all return at God’s appointed time each year; but not my people! They don’t accept [...]

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