18 01, 2018

Immanuel God with Us

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Today’s news is full of the theme - security! Might that be one of our main concerns in the year ahead? Especially since the recent terror attacks, police and law enforcement are striving for our optimal safety. Yet we know all our human efforts will never be enough! Even the experts find it impossible to always uncover evil plans ahead of time. As no one can foresee the coming dangers, fear and insecurity grows. Is there a secure place anywhere on the whole earth? The Apostle Paul shows us a better way to respond to evil in our world. He writes to believers in Rome from his own experience. He was subjected to the hostility of false brethren; he was threatened by the government and he was pressed by many difficult tasks found within the [...]

8 12, 2017

Merry Christmas!

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  CHRISTMAS,  CHRIST  THE  SAVIOR  IS  BORN !   Jesus, the wellspring of joy! Who can make us as happy as He does? But is the Child in the Manger your most precious Christmas gift? Are you waiting for Jesus, for His coming? Each one of us needs Him, the Child that gives Hope and brings Restoration to us and into our families. He wants to fill your life with joy and peace. He asks you, “Receive Me! Don’t leave Me standing in the cold, as it happened long ago when there was no room in the inn. Expect Me for Christmas, for I love you and I want to help you.” So let us hurry like the shepherds, to the Child in the Manger.                O holy night, filled with songs [...]

20 11, 2017

The Song on the Wall – Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is such a happy time on Canaan. We Sisters make sure that none of our little family is missing, no one out of town. We all want to be together for the occasion, and often we have some guests. Thanksgiving is special for us. During the day some Sisters go to minister and distribute encouraging leaflets and gifts at various dining rooms in our city, for example the Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul etc. There a wonderful thanksgiving dinner is served to many people. When the Sisters return to Canaan, it is usually time for the Thanksgiving Service in our Chapel. Here we sing and thank the Heavenly Father for all His goodness. When we come into the dining room, the tables are beautifully decorated and we have a joyful Thanksgiving meal. After dinner comes a very special [...]

1 10, 2017


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Our Attitude Towards Natural Disasters As early as the 1960s Mother Basilea had drawn our attention to the growing frequency of natural disasters. She saw them as preliminary events. Over the years she sounded the call to repentance. Above all, she prayed, encouraging believers to do the same and to prepare their hearts in the light of impending judgment (see Matthew 24). When in 1995 a flood hit one of our foreign branches, swamping part of their property, she helped us to find the right perspective. This proved to be a key experience for us in view of catastrophes that have since affected various parts of the world — or are yet to come. At that time she shared with us  : “Many natural disasters are coming upon our world. Any moment they may strike…What we are seeing at this time [...]

19 07, 2017

Fill All the World with Songs of Praise

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Lofty mountains, grassy meadows, Peaks for ever veiled in snow, God their Maker magnify; By the beauty that they show us, And no rest nor peace do give us Till we too our hearts do raise All in worship, love and praise. Excerpt from the DVD: FILL ALL THE WORLD WITH SONGS OF PRAISE Rushing streams, grassy meadows, towering mountains and rocky shores – all of nature unites in a symphony of praise to God. A symphony in which man plays a vital part, as Mother Basilea Schlink shares with us today. O Father, how fair is this world You made The forest, the meadows, the lakes! Fill all the world with joyful songs; For unto God the world belongs Praise Him, Hallelujah! Praise Him, Hallelujah! Mother Basilea, together with Mother Martyria, founded the Evangelical Sisterhood [...]

3 03, 2017

Canaan in the Desert, an amazing gift from our almighty and loving God!

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Excerpts from the Book: REALITIES IN THE DESERT - 40 Years of the Heavenly Father's Loving Care Mount Sinai in Egypt  The Roots “Why did you Sisters come to America?” The answer is not so straightforward. To begin, we must go to Mount Sinai. But what does this mountain in Egypt have to do with a piece of property on 40th Street in Phoenix, Arizona? A lot, because the roots of Canaan in the Desert reach down to the place where God made a covenant of love with man. In the early 1960s, Mother Basilea perceived the enormous spiritual shift that was taking place in our Western society. It caused her deep anguish. She wrote, “In the past, God’s commandments were widely recognized as moral standards and were a dam against unrestrained immorality. Today we find that this [...]

1 01, 2017

Happy New Year

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How many people think, 'Oh, if only someone had a heart for me! My troubles leave others cold. No one cares. No one understands. They have no heart.' God, however, has a heart - a loving fatherly heart. In all our sorrows, burdens and joys, he empathizes with His children, with  me, with you, with each one of  us. He understands us. He cares about us. He takes a personal interest in each of earth's billions. He is aware of what concerns us. There is nothing that the loving fatherly heart of God does not care about. And what  flows from His heart? Infinite compassion. He has mercy on the small and helpless, the poor and needy, those in distress. God is life. God is love. His heart is constantly brimming over with loving-kindness towards us. (Taken from SOWN IN WEAKNESS [...]

25 06, 2016

Repentance – The Joy-Filled Life

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                   Get your own copy:www.canaaninthedesert.com/catalogue/Books-Soft Cover p.2   Excerpts from the book, "Repentance - The Joy-Filled Life" Repentance – the gateway to heaven! Repentance – the way home to the Father’s heart and to overflowing joy! For what is repentance but the tailwind driving us into the open arms of the Father? A foretaste of heaven. A gift of the Holy Spirit. In answer to prayer, the Spirit falls afresh on us, breaking our hard and self-righteous hearts – only for God our Father and Maker to take those broken pieces into His hands and form anew vessel to His glory…   Blessed are they who their sins sore lament for new life is given to those who repent, by love is their nature transfigured. Blessed are all who tread Jesu's own way, twice blessed indeed with the [...]

27 04, 2016

A Greeting for Pentecost

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http://canaaninthedesert.com/catalogue/ We would like to share a message that Mother Basilea gave to us Sisters.  "It was an historical occasion as Jesus' disciples gathered in Jerusalem and the Holy Spirit came down. There appeared to them tongues like flames of fire dispersed among  them and resting on each one of them. An unforgettable moment. The cowardly, fearful disciples were transformed into fiery witnesses. The Holy Spirit distributed His gifts among them: the gift of faith, of performing miracles, of discerning spirits and other gifts as well (Acts 2:1-4). However, it is not enough to celebrate Pentecost as an historical event. We should be experiencing the reality of the Holy Spirit in our lives today. What a wonderful gift, what a tremendous joy...      We need the reality of the Holy Spirit in our lives today more than ever before, for [...]

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