8 08, 2023

Sharing God’s Tears for a Lost World

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Dear Friends, We greet you all in these summer days, where so much is happening in our world. Mother Basilea wrote years ago about the troubled times we are facing now. With such clarity she had highlighted the heart of our Father in Heaven as He grieves with us in these days. Some may have the booklet Hearts Attuned to God, previous title God Laments ...and our response. Also, for those who have read the message Mother Basilea shared in 1993 about God's Tears for His World--we sense that God is longing for us to weep with Him during this time of so much heartache. We are so thankful for our Sisters in the branch in Australia to make this available for us to share with you. This is part One and more will follow. Let us pray the prayer [...]

21 11, 2022


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Loving Father, Father of Everlasting Love, My heart sings with joy of Your unending love, Your planning, leading, counsel. Loving Father, Father of Everlasting Love, Eternal Love!                                                                         MB Listen to a 5 min. message about how the heavenly Father cares for us. God lives and works today! He is a Father who loves His children and plans good things for them. But we have to become children! How do we do this? Today’s meditation by Basilea Schlink called, PUT YOUR HAND IN HIS! has the answer. [...]

25 04, 2022

The Hour of Gethsemane Has Arrived For the World

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Dear Friends, Please join us Sisters as we look more deeply into the suffering love of Jesus. We invite you to walk through the Garden of Jesus' Sufferings with Mother Basilea. https://www.canaaninthedesert.com/canaan-videos/ Our Sisters in Australia have sent this letter to share with you on this Good Friday. The link below takes you to short clips of devotions at various stations of Jesus' Passion. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCYAx6TequwyKr-jjfWCoLWP3th0WM-C4 With warmest greetings, The Sisters at Canaan in the Desert

24 01, 2022

The Times of Israel

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Jan 6, 2022, 9:33 PM In 1947 in an attic flat in Germany the Sisterhood of Mary was born. Seven girls with their two leaders: Mother Basilea and Mother Martyria. Building a motherhouse and chapel with bricks scavenged from the ruins of Darmstadt, they eventually had a home of their own in the suburbs. For the first 10 years after World War II, Germany was struggling to survive before recovery began with the Marshall Plan. Not until summer 1954 was Mother Basilea challenged during a time of prayer by the question: What about Israel? “Beside every German stands, invisibly, a Jewish brother, one who has already passed into the realm of the dead, or one of the survivors, but each marked with terror and death – and each of them accuses us… ‘Where [...]

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