Daniel's Prayer for our times

Dear Friends,

Our hearts are very much with the people of Afghanistan as the Taliban takes control. It’s truly devastating not only for the Christians, but also for the many women and children who will face severe suffering. The people of Afghanistan are clearly fearful and distraught, with many feeling the whole world has abandoned them in their greatest time of need.

Persecution is quickly descending upon their nation. Now is the time for us as intercessors to stand in the breach for our brothers and sisters in the Lord as well as the many who don’t yet know Him.

From the Bible we know that in times of national crisis, such as war, judgement will be tempered with mercy if God can find enough believers who walk in humility and obey His commandments. What a great responsibility has been placed in our hands if we consider ourselves to be God’s children. Let us live up to this responsibility for our own country and especially now for Afghanistan.

At a time like this, God who loves us, does not want us to sink in fear and suffering. His Word shows us that His help avails for us: ‘Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you’ (Psalm 50:15 NIV).

God promises to answer us and come to our aid when we call to Him in our utmost need. He pays special attention to His children when they are suffering anxiety and distress, for He loves us and bears the pain with us. He watches over every land and nation. And His heart yearns to help us. Therefore, when one blow after the other strikes and we wonder what to do, we can turn to Him.

We find God’s answer in a prayer of Holy Scripture uttered during great affliction. It is the prayer of Daniel in Chapter 9 – a real gold mine. This prayer not only reveals the nature of God, but it shows us how we can reach His heart with our prayers and receive help for ourselves and those we pray for.

In times like these, we must remember that prayer is the most powerful weapon we have against injustice.

     Evangelical Sisters of Mary, Canaan of God’s Comfort, Australia

Pray with us

        I SET MY FACE TOWARDS THE Lord God to make request by prayer and supplications, with fasting, sackcloth and ashes.

O Lord, great and awesome God, who keeps His covenant and mercy with those who love Him, and with those who keep His commandments, we have sinned and committed iniquity, we done wickedly and rebelled, departing from Your precepts and Your judgments.

Neither have we heeded Your servants the prophets, who spoke in Your name to our people.

O Lord, righteousness belongs to You, but to us shame of face, as it is this day, because of the unfaithfulness which we have committed against You.

O Lord, to us belongs shame of face, because we have sinned against You.

We have not obeyed the voice of the Lord our God, to walk in His laws, which He set before us by His servants the prophets. Yes, our people have transgressed Your law, and have departed so as not to obey Your voice;

Therefore the curse has been poured out on us, because we have sinned against Him.

And He has confirmed His words, which He spoke against us.

Yet we have not made our prayer before the Lord our God, that we might turn from our iniquities and understand Your truth.

Therefore the Lord has kept the disaster in mind, and brought it upon us; for the Lord our God is righteous in all the works which He does, though we have not obeyed His voice.

We have sinned, we have done wickedly!

O Lord, according to all Your righteousness, let Your anger and Your fury be turned away from our people.

Hear our prayers and supplications, and for Your own sake cause Your face to shine on Your sanctuary, which is desolate.

O my God, incline Your ear and hear; open Your eyes and see our desolations, and our country which as a Christian country is called by Your name;

…for we do not present our supplications before You because of our righteous deeds, but because of Your great mercies. O Lord, hear! O Lord, forgive! O Lord, listen and act! Do not delay for Your own sake, my God.

   (based on Daniel 9:3-19 RAV)