I praise Your holy will, Lord

Sheet music

  1. I praise You for Your leadings
    when they are hard for me.
    You only have the best in mind;
    suff’ring is what I need.
  2. And even when I’m struggling,
    I’ll praise Your leadings still,
    for they bring healing to my soul.
    With blessings they are filled.
  3. And when Your child You chasten,
    Your loving heart I’ll praise.
    I’ll love and trust in suffering;
    You bring me through always.
  4. I praise You, dearest Father.
    You guide me lovingly,
    and like a father for his child,
    You always care for me.
  5. When I can’t comprehend You,
    my praises still I’ll bring.
    I’ll trust in You till at Your throne
    I understand all things.
  6. My Lord and God, I’ll praise You,
    though many tears I weep.
    I sow in tears, but after death
    great harvest I shall reap.

    From My Father, I Trust You by M. Basilea Schlink
    © 2016  Evang. Sisterhood of Mary, Darmstadt, Germany