I sing, I sing, God adoring

Sheet music

  1. I’ll sing of God’s will in sadness,
    of how obeying brings gladness.
    When we do His will, all sorrow is stilled.
  2. I’ll sing, God’s heart is all loving;
    He takes no pleasure in chastening.
    Because I’m His child,
    His discipline’s mild.
  3. I’ll sing in trials and temptations:
    there’s One who always can help us.
    It’s Jesus, my Lord,
    the Lamb of God.
  4. I praise Your ruling and guiding,
    the way You’ve chosen to lead me.
    Hard paths through the night
    with blessings are bright.
  5. I’ll sing in pain and in sorrow,
    in grief and fear of tomorrow.
    Your praise shall remain
    my constant refrain.
  6. I’ll sing of God’s grace and mercy,
    the aid His love always brings me.
    He helps me indeed
    in sadness and need.
  7. I’ll sing, my grief will be ended,
    one day by gladness transcended
    in heaven above
    when I’m with my Lord.
  8. I’ll sing till all the world hears it,
    and then, by His love enraptured,
    starts singing with me.
    What praise that will be!

    From My Father, I Trust You by M. Basilea Schlink
    © 2016  Evang. Sisterhood of Mary, Darmstadt, Germany