In days of suff’ring

Sheet music

  1. God brings rich blessing
    from paths of suffering.
    His choicest fruits grow in the night.
  2. Heed not the suffering,
    look to your glorious King,
    for everything depends on this.
  3. The Lord has sent it
    and He’ll transform it.
    O trust, the outcome will be sweet.
  4. In night and darkness
    God lets His promises
    shine like the stars against the sky.
  5. In God I’m trusting,
    on His word standing;
    He will fulfil it in His time.
  6. You are my Father,
    my loving Counsellor,
    in every sorrow helping me.
  7. In heaven rejoicing,
    I’ll praise my suffering;
    it brought me glory without end.

    From My Father, I Trust You by M. Basilea Schlink
    © 2016  Evang. Sisterhood of Mary, Darmstadt, Germany