In fear, distress and agony

Sheet music

  1. Your child You never will forsake.
    In darkest night, Lord, You will make
    Your light shine all the brighter.
    With all my heart I trust in You;
    all pain and suff’ring You subdue,
    and sorrow is forgotten.
  2. O Father mine, when I’m with You,
    what harm could suff’ring ever do?
    You bear me through all horrors.
    When body, soul can bear no more,
    as of old You will come, O Lord.
    Your healing touch restores me.
  3. You know that I am weak and small;
    I cannot bear such pain at all.
    How quickly I lose courage!
    And yet I can do everything
    when You but touch and strengthen me;
    then I am strong, courageous.
  4. I trust Your precious, holy blood;
    through it I drink in fortitude
    to suffer for You, Jesus.
    O Man of Sorrows, Bridegroom, King,
    with You I can do everything,
    because You are almighty.

    From My Father, I Trust You by M. Basilea Schlink
    © 2016  Evang. Sisterhood of Mary, Darmstadt, Germany