Father, I thank You for guiding my way

Sheet music

  1. Father, I thank You in midst of my pain;
    Father, I thank You again and again.
    Chastening is the best “bread” for me;
    chast’ning will end my sin’s misery.
  2. Father, Your goodness fills each of Your deeds;
    Father, Your chast’ning is what my soul needs.
    Father, the outcome of paths of pain
    can be but blessing and glorious gain.
  3. Into Your hands I commit all, my Lord,
    for I know suff’ring will bring rich reward.
    I love the hand that is chast’ning me,
    for it is training and healing me.
  4. Firm shall my hold of my Father’s hand be;
    safe through the darkest night You will lead me.
    Father, then bring me home to the throne,
    through pain transform me and grant me a crown.
  5. Never will You disappoint me, I know:
    though great my sin, greater love still You show.
    I trust Your love in the darkest night;
    You’ve always brought Your child help and light.
  6. Joy after suff’ring is always Your way;
    this I believe, I’m expecting today.
    Worship and honour to You I’ll bring;
    when You chastise, songs of trust I’ll sing.
  7. You always love me, of this I am sure:
    this I proclaim whene’er Satan draws near.
    You always guide me with wisdom and care
    and never give me too much to bear.
  8. At the right moment Your help always comes
    as You have promised and Your Word proclaims.
    Father, Your chast’ning is love indeed;
    goodness and mercy You show to me.
  9. Almighty Father, majestic and great,
    whom all the angels must serve and obey.
    You send them out to Your child in need,
    showing Your might and assisting me.
  10. So I’ll endure in distress and dark night.
    Soon You will show me the bright morning light.
    Countless the times You’ve poured blessings on me.
    Father, my heart thanks You gratefully.

    From My Father, I Trust You by M. Basilea Schlink
    © 2016  Evang. Sisterhood of Mary, Darmstadt, Germany