Take me ’neath Your wings of love

Sheet music

  1. Lord, Your angels stand round me.
    Let me nothing else now see
    but these mighty warriors.
    Let them keep watch o’er my heart.
    Cast all fear and worry out;
    Jesus, rule within me.
  2. Father, You look after me
    when I am in fear and need;
    I can always trust You.
    For Your own You won’t forsake;
    to Your heart Your child You take.
    You are my true refuge.
  3. God the Father always loves
    fearful and afflicted ones,
    guarding them especially.
    He’ll watch o’er them day and night,
    strengthening them with His might.
    Father mine, I trust You!

    From My Father, I Trust You by M. Basilea Schlink
    © 2016  Evang. Sisterhood of Mary, Darmstadt, Germany