What a glorious night it was when heaven came down and Jesus entered this world. On that holy night we were blessed with heaven’s choicest gift: a child of divine power, destined to fulfil God’s saving purposes. A conquering hero endowed with princely authority. And the day is coming when He will rule the whole world, bringing peace and salvation to all nations.

Holy Night! This was the right night when the only-begotten Son of God appeared in human form.

The coming of Jesus brings a message of hope. But doesn’t the reality look very different? Satan, the adversary of Jesus, is steadily gaining power. As the prince of this world he is extending his evil influence over people and nations, almost unstoppable in his advance. All this is in fulfillment of what the Word of God foretells: “Darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people” (Isaiah 60:20 NKJV) – wickedness and lawlessness will increase, and Jesus’ disciples will be persecuted in all nations (Matthew 24).

At this crucial stage in world history the birth of Jesus is especially meaningful. In His humility He took on human flesh and freely chose to go to Calvary, where He was nailed to the cross, all for love of us. And in His humility lies His power. Utterly vulnerable He hung on the cross as the Lamb of God and the mercy of evil men. His victorious might flows from His humble, enduring love.

As a grown man Jesus did signs and wonders and proved Himself as Lord over death. He rose from the grave, defeating Satan and hell. In the name of Jesus the new-born Church saw miracle after miracle. And to this day we continue to witness His mighty deeds.

What else do we read about this child? “The government will be on his shoulders.” (Isaiah 9:6 NIV) He has authority to rule. So who controls the world? Not the prince of this world, nor his power-wielding supporters. No, their ungodly rule will actually serve to hasten the day when Jesus Christ will establish His universal rule of peace and salvation in His glory and majesty (Revelation 11:15).

Seemingly small and insignificant, the boy born to be king will one day return as King of the kings. Yes, Jesus is coming soon. Concealed so long from sight, He will reveal Himself in His wonderful power at the close of the age.

This is the joyous message of Christmas. Christ the Savior is born! Jesus is alive and with us today even in the darkest moments. In our hearts He will begin His rule, and if we allow Him to be Lord of our lives we will discover for ourselves.

Peace and joy are ours.

The Evangelical Sisters of Mary

Taken from an original Christmas Letter by M. Basilea Schlink