Oh, return, My children

Oh, return, My children, oh, return!
Turn back to your loving Father – God.

See Him wait, O children, see Him wait.
Will you not return to Him this day?
Won’t you come?

Mother Basilea wrote over 40 years ago in God Laments – and Our Response, page 19/20:
How deep is the grief of God resounding from all the words of the prophets! It is as if God, who has shown us nothing but love, can hardly grasp that we are turning our backs on Him and turning to Satan. He laments:
The stork knows the time of her migration,
as does the turtledove, and the crane, and
the swallow. They all return at God’s appointed
time each year; but not my people!
They don’t accept the laws of God. Jer. 8:7, LB

Again today God goes on waiting, calling, pleading – but for the most part in vain. And the grief of God increases, for day by day the flood of sin rises. The number of people falling away from God continues to grow.
God has to lament that even migratory birds know when the time has come to return, but we do not turn back, although He saves us and we are His. Nonetheless, the Lord continues to say “My people.” All His love is expressed in these words – and so too the full measure of His suffering.

Instrumental music for the following song

Lament for God’s deep heartache,
Throughout the world lament,
That all whose hearts are open
His pain will comprehend.
Destruction is impending,
Judgment as never before.
O call, O warn and rescue;
Listen to God, your Lord.

Lament, and bring your off’rings,
Entreat God without end,
That once again His judgment
And wrath may be restrained,
Because we beckon many
Home to His heart of love,
O help to call and save them,
That He be not so grieved. MB


The Call for the End Times.
Repent! was the cry of John the Baptist. “Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for Him… The crooked roads shall become straight, the rough ways smooth” (Luk 3:4-5 NIV) Repentance was the only way to welcome Jesus, the King. He couldn’t come until the way had been paved, the rough places cleared of stones by a people turning from sin.
Repentance, like judgment, begins with the household of believers. The end times are upon us.
Judgments are impending such as the world has never seen. – “Repent!” like a trumpet blast from  heaven the call sounds forth with tremendous urgency. The church needs to take up the challenge, so that nations are impacted and a movement of repentance gains momentum all over the earth.
It is not just for our own sakes that God wants us to repent. More is at stake. In a world headed for destruction, we as believers bear responsibility for our nations and for the human race at large.
Where there is repentance, the hand of the Lord is stayed and judgment deferred or tempered with mercy.
Excerpts taken from: “Repentance – the Joy-Filled Life” by Basilea Schlink

Yea, I must show him mercy.
Is not Ephraim still My dear son?
Is he not My darling child?
For I surely remember well
all that I have promised Ephraim.
Thus My heart still yearns for him.
Is not Ephraim still My dear son?
Yes, is he not My darling child?

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 I Want to Console You

Songs of Love and Comfort for Our Lord in His Suffering Today
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God Laments…and our response

Can God, the great and eternal God, really lament? Holy Scripture tells us that He does. (See Jeremiah)
Now is the time when we can experience the greatest fulfillment of our lives by becoming comforters of God who, attuned to His heart, are ever sensitive to the sound of His lamenting, the expression of His suffering love.