At Christmas, almost the first question you hear is, “What did you get?” Gifts are fun, whether quirky and creative, homemade or shop-bought, exotic or useful. Finding the right present for a loved one takes time and care. But seeing the look of delight on their faces is rewarding. Yes, Christmas is fun. But for some it is a stressful season they wish were already over. Music blaring full-blast. A visit to the mall, a non-stop rodeo with whining kids in tow. Youngsters surfing the net for the trendiest devices available. The constant demand for the newest and the best. Anxious parents quietly thinking, “How can we ever afford it?”

Never mind the hassle. Never mind the frantic shopping. BBQ and party planning. Family and friends will be coming together. You’ll be reminiscing with folk you haven’t seen for ages. Yes, Christmas has a way of bringing people together like nothing else. It is a time of giving and receiving – with or without presents. You know it’s not the most lavish and expensive gifts that necessarily touch the heart. It’s the love that counts. And, talking about love, Christmas is like a handwritten love message from God.

“For Love of you I gave My dearest and best, My only begotten Son – Jesus. He can sort out your Life, straighten out the creases. Nothing and no one can wreck the joy He gives. You will have peace with your Maker.”

To celebrate Christmas, you don’t need to be religious. Simply open your heart for God’s best gift. Open your heart to welcome others. And enjoy the blessing of family and friends that He has so lovingly given. Shining eyes of children dressed up as angels and shepherds. Mums, dads, grandparents watching in pride. And that indescribable something on Holy Night when heaven and earth touch. More than anything else Christmas is about the sheer joy of blessing others. And for that you don’t need to be anything special. A card, a call, a simple gesture can bring happiness to others. And while you’re at it, why not say a prayer. A parent loves to hear the voice of their child. And God loves to hear yours.

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas.
We will be praying that wherever you are,
you will experience a special Christmas as never before!

Sisters of Mary