The trumpet call at midnight will only be heard by those whose heart is on the right wave length, the wave length of intimate love for Jesus, their Lord and Bridegroom. Is your heart attuned to this wave length? Then you will be the happiest person on earth for Jesus makes us happier than we could ever imagine. And there is a beautiful future awaiting you. You will belong to Him when He comes. Jesus – who loves you more than any person possibly could. Jesus – the Eternal Love.

Source of my joy, O Jesus most dear,
Jesus, Your name is the sweetest to hear,
Ringing with joy in my heart day and night,
Waking me up with the first rays of light,
Waking me up with the first rays of light.

Jesus Christ is King and Ruler of the universe, but He is not too great to be concerned about our smallest wishes. Tell Him all your troubles and sorrows – even your guilt. He can and will help you, because He loves you. So come to Him, trusting in His love.

One name there is,
One name in earth and heaven,
One alone,
Has glorious power,
Victorious might;
It is the name of JESUS.

You need comfort, but don’t have any. Yet, Jesus has comfort ready for you. He is deeply moved by all human suffering, and by yours also. It is not difficult for Him to comfort you. His love is so great that He always finds words and ways to comfort us. And His power to help is so great that He always has an encouragement and a way for you. And if it does not come right away, it will come just at the right time. So turn to Him in loving trust.

Let me, Lord, go along with you,
Both joy and sorrow share with You,
Close at Your side forever.

God lives and works today! Throughout the centuries, miracles, signs and wonders have been performed in His name. And this happens today, too. He has promised, “Whatsoever you shall ask in My name, that I will do.” Who can experience God’s power the most? Whoever makes the most use of His name, calling upon the mighty name of Jesus.

Yes, there is power in the Name of Jesus – not just great power, but all power. For to Jesus has been given all the power in heaven and on earth. May we also make much use of this name Jesus. May we sing a great deal of His Name. That is one thing that the enemy can’t stand. And he has to flee.

Your Name the key that opens
All doors to us denied!
Even hearts by sin imprisoned
At that dear sound swing wide.
So great Your Name, Lord Jesus,
All rule lies in Your hand,
That strongholds, crags and mountains
Your power may not withstand.

Are you lonely? There is Someone who is looking out for you in love. He is concerned about you. It is Jesus who loves you. Think often about Him. Speak with Him. Love Him. Thank Him. Then you will no longer be alone. You will be united with Him. And this union will make you strong and you will be comforted, for in Him you have everything.

Jesus, my Lord, my God and my King,
You fill my heart with praises to sing,
Jesus, O Joy Eternal.

© 2019 Text and music M. Basilea Schlink