Listen to A Word for Today

The Weapon of The Name of Jesus

December 10

It doesn’t matter whether we are rich or poor, strong or weak, courageous or timid. The power of God is available for us in all of our needs and problems! As Lord of lords and King of kings, He never leaves His children without help and protection, without a weapon for the hours of temptation.

To Love Jesus Means to be Able to do Everything!

December 11

God lives and works today! – not as a far away unapproachable deity, but as Someone who is near to us, who cares about us and who is eternal Love. Yes, because God is love, He longs for us to respond to His love by Giving Him our love in return – then He can shower us with His joy, peace and divine strength. But how can we find this love for God?

God Answers Earnest Prayers

December 12

God lives and works today! Would you like to experience His reality in Your everyday life? Do you wish that God would answer your prayers so that you too could testify that God lives and works today? This program tells how you can actually experience His intervention, for it gives an answer to the very important question, “When does God answer prayer?”

When God Fights for Us

December 13

God lives and works today! We see this in many different ways in our lives, but especially in the fact that He fights for His children and stands up for them whenever they have been treated unjustly. He will defend us – but under a certain condition, as today’s testimony from Basilea Schlink will explain.

The Pointer on The Scales

December 14

It remains true no matter how many voices rise to claim otherwise, God lives! But who can stand against all the voices of hatred and mockery in our world today? Only he who has actually experienced personally the reality of God.

I Am Waiting for You

December 15

God lives and works today! In His love He longs to share Himself completely with us, to live within us. This brings Him and us the greatest joy imaginable, and it’s the way to a really happy life. But when and how can God draw near to us and dwell completely in our hearts? Listen.

How Not to Worry

December 16

Perhaps you know as a fact that God lives. And yet, don’t most of us also know about times when it’s not so easy to believe, when mountains of worries pile up on top of us. In such situations, is there anything that can really help us out?


December 17

God lives and works today! Whoever has really discovered His reality and has experienced God’s fatherly care in his life, is consumed by one thought: “How can I thank God?


December 18

People who would normally only be interested in living their own lives and in seeking their own advantage are suddenly transformed, set on fire with love for Jesus. They are consumed by the desire to live for Him completely with body, soul and spirit, even if it involves suffering.


December 19

God lives and works today. In His love He wants to have us near Him, to help us and comfort us, and to open His heart to us. He alone can satisfy our deepest longings, This is why He goes after us, searching us out and drawing us back to Himself.


December 20

When we really love a person we enjoy being with him. We look forward to his visits and we do everything we can to prepare for his coming. In the same way, we need to make ready for Christ’s coming at Christmas time.