Pentecost 1And in the last days Acts 2-17-20

Pentecost – outpouring of the Holy Spirit – a miracle that fills us with awe to this very day. The Holy Spirit came to earth like a mighty wind. It was a certain group of people whom the Holy Spirit came to seek – the disciples, a poor, little group of failures, who had not kept faith but deserted their Lord on His path of suffering. It was to them that He came. Even today the Holy Spirit manifests His power in the lives of those who are weak, He demonstrates who He is. He can bring dead hearts to life and fill despairing and fearful people with the power to witness. Yes, the Holy Spirit can transform everything.

Praise to You, O Holy Ghost
For all that You have done,
To clarify our thoughts of God,
The Father and the Son.

Praise to You, dear Holy Ghost,
Descending from above,
To bring to us Your heavenly gifts
And fill our hearts with love.

Praise to You, dear Holy Ghost,
Although Your Love we grieve,
You never cease to work in us,
Creatively achieve.

Praise to You, dear Holy Ghost,
You work so mightily
That sinners full of sin and guilt
Again God’s sons may be.

May also the following message by Mother Basilea Schlink be a blessing for you during this Pentecost season.

Promise for this Day and Age

God says,I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy… I will show wonders in heaven above And signs in the earth beneath: Blood and fire and vapor of smoke. 20 The sun shall be turned into darkness, And the moon into blood, Before the coming of the great and awesome day of the LORD. Acts 2: 17-20 NKJ

Pentecost in the last times! A different Pentecost than all the Pentecosts that have been celebrated in the last two thousand years. And why? The clue is given in the words “last times.” We are living in an entirely unique age, the end of time for a world without God. As time draws to a close, the judgment of God draws near, when His wrath will descend upon this earth as in the days of the Great Flood. Last times! Demons have been let loose on earth. By instigating people to commit murder, violence and crimes, by causing the spread of perverse sexuality and drugs, they seek to wrap their tentacles all the more tightly around a godless humanity. Sin has spread throughout the whole human race and is piling up to heaven.

Last times for the Christians! And yet amid the darkness, a ray of light shines brightly – the words of the prophet Joel, which the Apostle Peter quoted on that first Pentecost. This prophecy speaks of God’s wonderful intervention, of a special out-pouring of the Holy Spirit. Thus we see the whole love of Christ for His own. He doesn’t let them enter the last times unequipped… Also in view of persecution and martyrdom, the Christians may rest assured: God doesn’t  leave His own without imparting a special gift to them, which will flow down upon them like a river. Heaven is to break into this world …

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By My Spirit a 5 min. message

God lives and works today! He is just as alive today as He was 2000 years ago, and the power of His Spirit is just as powerful. What does that mean for our lives? Faith, joy, zeal and much more!  Basilea Schlink shares the testimony of the famous American evangelist, R.A. Torrey; his story gives a clue as to how we can each experience the wonderful reality of God.

The Holy Spirit also comes to unite the Body of Christ for Himself. Jews and Gentiles are coming together. May we invite you to consider participation in an on-line, virtual tour!

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