Building a Wall of Prayer

When the future of a nation is in the balance, when politics, economics and ethics fail, it is the intercessors who can make a difference. They hold the key to recovery, for they focus on God, from whom alone come blessings and salvation.
These texts, songs and prayers, drawn from a selection of Mother Basilea’s writings, were born of real-life situations: terrorism, deception, political unrest, lapsed moral standards, natural disaster, spiritual attacks… They are tried and tested methods, which have had far reaching results.
Everyone who knows and loves the Lord – not just some special elite – can be an effective intercessor. In this booklet we are told how. One of the songs goes like this:

We Have a Glorious Hope

We have a glorious hope a hope, that cannot die;
Amidst defeat Christ’s kingdom in triumph will arise.
Lord, You are Life eternal, and that life cannot end.
Despite the devil’s raging, it never can be quenched.
We have a mighty Victor! Though Satan seems to win,
Already he’s defeated, for Jesus conquered him.
Though darkness reigns, this hope makes our hearts rejoice
and sing: Christ is the final Victor, from death His realm will spring.
Exalt the Lord triumphant, His majesty acclaim.
With Him, destruction, suffering, have not the final say.
When hardship and repentance and tears have paved the way,
He will renew the world and begin His glorious reign.