Terrorism and War – Where Is God?

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All her life Mother Basilea stressed the importance
of turning to God in repentance and prayer in the face of calamity.

O great and everlasting, holy God,
You judge the world with righteousness.
Your wrath is kindled
over the sins crying out to heaven
from our nations,
which are Christian only in name.
This is why You have taken from us the peace
we thought we could establish on earth
by our own efforts.
This is why You are judging us through current

Help us not to grow discouraged,
to despair or lose confidence in You.
Help us to trust in Your love always,
even when we don’t understand You.

We now come to You, Lord Jesus,
and confess:
We have sinned. Forgive us.
May our pleading be accompanied
by repentance;
then You can hear our prayers
and temper judgment with mercy.

In this time of testing, grant that
we may prove ourselves as your children
by not falling into despair or rebellion,
but humbling ourselves beneath Your hand of
knowing that we have deserved your wrath.
Help us to grow in our love for You
and for one another,
and keep our love from growing cold.
With the winds of adversity driving us to You,
help us to grow strong
through the experience of Your help
and to go through this critical time
in a way that honors You.

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