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Through prayer, people, things, problems and relationships can be transformed.


“My husband and I have used this booklet for 10 years now. God has done for my family more than I could have asked or imagined. It is a trustworthy message. God is waiting for people who honor him, by trusting in his love, which is always moved to help us.” B. L.


The prayer of those whom God holds dear
Will bring the might of God to bear,
Burst open iron portals.
To pray with faith gives strength to all
And changes pain and duty’s call
To flowers in love’s garden.

The Great Power of Persisting Prayer

Yes, God has placed dynamite in our hands – the opportunity to step into the breach for others – by our prayers! Yes, at the same time, what tremendous responsibility lies upon us. True prayer contains the power to transform and release people, for in prayer we bring them to Jesus, the mighty Redeemer. Earnest prayer makes the intercessor like a king: investing him with authority, great authority!

But what does the Bible describe as “earnest,” that is, correct prayer? …

… They can only become free when we pray correctly. We must struggle in prayer until Satan gives up his booty. We must use the weapons which are at our disposal for this battle.

 Call upon the Blood of the Lamb

For example, we must call upon the blood of the Lamb. First, we must claim the blood for ourselves when we begin to wrestle for other souls so that Satan doesn’t have the slightest right to us and so that our prayers are granted authority. The Lord showed me that it is of utmost importance to lay the blood of the Lamb upon the bound soul in spirit and to pray and sing, “The blood of the Lamb will redeem you and set you completely free.”

Yes, there is great power in the blood of the Lamb. Satan cannot bear to hear someone call upon the blood of the Lamb, with which Jesus has redeemed us, and Satan is forced to release souls.

Your precious blood has such great might,
It saves from Satan’s hold so tight.
I praise Your blood that sets me free
From Satan’s grip and tyranny.

Your blood, O Lord, was shed for me;
Accept my praise eternally.
I praise Your blood that sets me free
From Satan’s grip and tyranny.

Your blood has broken Satan’s hold;
He cannot stand its pow’r untold.
I praise Your blood that sets me free
From Satan’s grip and tyranny.

Oh, Satan now must take to flight,
For Jesus’ blood has such great might.
His precious blood was shed for me;
It has redeemed me, set me free.

Well-Spring of Joy 185

 Reckon with the Reality of Satan

Where today amongst Christians is intercession practiced in this manner? Isn’t intercession, whether we are alone or in a prayer fellowship usually just a recital of a list of names? What Christian really knows what it means to wrestle for souls? Stepping into the breach for the sake of others means sacrificing the last of our time and energy! But if we don’t battle in prayer for our neighbors, it shows that we hardly reckon with the reality of Satan at all. If there is an enemy, there will be a battle. We have an enemy—Satan. So we must take up the battle of prayer…


O Jesus, Savior of the world,
You deliver us from all troubles and heal
all the ailments of body and soul through Your precious blood.
I call upon Your name for . . . . .
Yours is the victory! Hallelujah!

O Jesus, Lord of mercy,
You wish to help all people. For this reason alone
You laid down Your life. It is impossible for You not to help.
I call upon Your name for . . . . .
Yours is the victory! Hallelujah!

O Jesus, my Deliverer,
You have said, “If the Son makes you free,
you will be free indeed.” Your words are yea and amen.
I call upon Your name for . . . . .
Yours is the victory! Hallelujah!

O Jesus, my Lord,
You have been given all power in heaven and on earth.
I call upon Your name for . . . . . and sing of Your victory,
for “the right hand of the Lord is exalted,
the right hand of the Lord does valiantly.”
Hallelujah! Amen!


Jesus, my Savior,
You have come to save me from my sins.
I believe in the saving power of Your precious blood,
that is stronger than my own contaminated blood.
Your blood has releasing power; in it is victory
and saving power. Through the power of
Your precious blood Satan has to yield.

Jesus, my Savior
You came to shed Your precious blood for us.
In Your saving name and in the power of
Your blood shed for me my chains of sin must break.
Your sacrifice avails for me; Satan and sin
must capitulate! I have been set free in Your
name, O Jesus, and in Your blood shed for me.

Jesus, my Savior,
You were born as “mighty God,”
and came as the Victor over the powers of hell
that ensnare us and try to dominate us.
In Your saving name, Jesus, and in Your
blood shed for me there is victory, so that
the evil powers from hell that are threatening
me have to yield! Jesus, O mighty Victor, You
have conquered them. Hallelujah!
They have lost their claim on me.

Jesus, my Savior
Your name is “Wonderful.” I believe that You will
work the wonder of a new creation in me,
when my nature is so poisoned by sin.
In Your name “Wonderful” the powers of sin
in my life must break. You are the wonderful,
victorious and risen Lord. Jesus, Yours is the
victory over my sinful nature and the evil spirits
that are fighting to get me. They have to yield!

*When praying for others, the third person may be used.

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