Thank You, Father,
for blessing me each new day with Your steadfast goodness, renewing me in the power of Your love.

Thank You, Father,
for being the very best of fathers — compassionate and gracious, patient and brimming over with kindness.

Thank You, Father,
You know all things—past, present and future. In Your love You first weigh what each day will bring, so that it will never be too hard.

I praise Thy ruling and guiding,
the way Thou chosest to lead me.
Even paths through the night
with blessings were bright.

I’ll sing in pain and in sorrow,
in grief and fear of the morrow.
Thy praise shall remain
my constant refrain.

I’ll sing of God’s grace and mercy,
the aid His love ever brings me.
He helps me indeed
in sadness and need.

Thank You, Father,
Your heart is nothing but goodness. I know You will cause good to come out of all that is troubling me. You never fail to help Your child.

Thank You, Father,
You are the Father of mercies and God of all comfort. Your heart goes out to me when I am in distress.

Thank You, Father,
for delighting in showing kindness to Your children. Thank You that I can count on You in all my troubles.